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Science at West Bridgford Infant School

Our vision and intent

At West Bridgford Infant School, Science is a time to foster and nurture the children’s natural curiosity, build resilience and encourage teamwork, linking to our school 'Shine Brightly' themes. It is a part of the curriculum that enables our children to make sense of the world around them through exploration, investigation and discovery.

Children ask questions and learn how they can be answered through different types of enquiry. They make careful observations and undertake practical experiments to investigate questions they pose. They predict and then explore questions on a number of topics. They seek to collaborate and work co-operatively with their peers, exploring how things work. Their focus is not only on the end result, but also the process they took to reach their end result.

Our Implementation

Science activities are carefully planned following the Early Years Statutory Framework, enhanced by Development Matters in the Early Years, as well as the National Curriculum in KS1. Science is blocked into half-termly topics and meaningful links are made to other curriculum areas where appropriate. During the school year we plan educational visits to enhance key areas of scientific learning. They have the opportunity to experience new environments that fascinate and create awe and wonder.


At West Bridgford Infant School, children will demonstrate a love of Science and maintain a curiosity of the world around them. They will retain knowledge that is pertinent to Science with a real life context. They will be able to question ideas as well as formulate their own questions. They will be able to articulate their own understanding of scientific concepts and use rich language linked to Science. During Science activities and experiences, children will work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment.

Children at West Bridgford Infant School will achieve age related expectations at the end of Key Stage 1. Children are assessed through on-going formative assessments, questioning, pupil discussions, quizzes and targeted scientific tasks. This allows for misconceptions and gaps to be addressed immediately. We ensure that children are equipped with Science knowledge and skills that will enable them to be enthusiastically prepared for the curriculum at Key Stage 2 and beyond.

Science Whole School Overview and Knowledge Organisers