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Welcome to Class 6 
Miss Williams

Year 1

Welcome to the Class 6 page!

Here you will find out important class information, what we've been up to and find some useful links to websites to support reading at home. Scroll down and take a look! 


Identifying the Egg


When we arrived at school on Wednesday morning, there was a letter awaiting Class 6! We opened it to find the dragon catchers had identified our egg - there is a baby dragon inside! Unfortunately, our letter was torn just before we learnt how to take care of a baby dragon. No matter! Class 6 brainstormed some amazing ideas about how we could take care of it and what it might need! We discussed that we would have to find food and water (and I was assured the food HAD TO include a range of vegetables to be healthy!), a blanket to keep the baby warm, and to give it lots of cuddles and play to make sure it doesn't feel lonely while we wait for the mummy to come back. Class 6 wrote up all their fantastic ideas in a bullet point list - great job Class 6! What a lucky dragon!

The Box Has Opened...


We opened the mysterious box to find... an egg!? The egg is being kept safely in a box, as Class 6 noted that lots of eggs need warmth to survive. We have once again put our detecive hats on, and we have studied the egg with our magnifying glasses! We have written down our guesses as to what could be inside the egg, but only time will tell...

A Mystery in Class 6!


On Tuesday when we arrived in Class 6, something rather unusual had happened... there was a big mess in the middle of the room! So Class 6 donned their detective hats to see what we could find out...

The clues so far...

The chairs were tipped over...
There were glittery footprints everywhere...
We found a mysterious box with feathers...
The window had been left open and there were scratch marks!
After searching for all the clues we wrote down what we found in our special detective note books. We made sure we listed them one after the other, using our best writing! Then we discussed what we thought could have happened. Our top suggestions were that someone must have either climbed up the wall through the window or something had flown - this worked well with the feathers we found! The footprints were very big, and we decided the tips looked like claws. Perhaps a wolf or a big bird...? The mystery continues...

Our First Half-Term in Year 1!

Wow! It has been quite the busy half term, and Class 6 have gotten up to lots of wonderful things! Here are just some of the activites we have done so far...


In maths we have been looking at lots of different ways to represent numbers up to and just beyond 20 to practise and solidify our place value knowledge. We used objects such as numicon and counters to show the numbers - it was quite tricky! We also looked at one more and one less using our number representation knowledge. We have now moved onto 2D and 3D shape, Class 6 were amazing at spotting the shapes in our classroom! 


In English we have been doing lots of writing and practising our phonics skills! We have looked at different types of houses and wrote about our own dream homes (which included lots of sweetie rooms and swimming pools!). We also looked at a very different type of home - castles! We wrote about which castle we would like to live in and why, using our special connecting word 'because'.


We have also looked at house hold objects from the past and compared them to our own current house hold objects. Class 6 had lots of fun exploring and using all the different objects! We have also looked at the different materials these objects were made out of and grouped them together, discussing their properties.

Hello Class 6!

What wonderful smiles! We all look very grown up and ready to start our journey through Year 1! Watch us grow in Class 6! smiley

Some Useful Class 6 Information!


In Class 6 we have 2 P.E. days. Our Sporty Ross day is on a Thursday, and our class P.E. day is Wednesday. Please can you ensure the children come in already wearing their sports kit and any jewellery (including earrings) will also need to be removed before coming to school. Thank you! smiley

Name Labels

In school each child has their own peg, where the children hang their coats. However, please ensure that all items of clothing have your child's name and class number written in as they can occasionally go missing around the school. We do our best to find anything that is lost before the end of school however if you are still missing something, then you are able to check in the lost property box at the end of the school day. It’s located near the rear school doors (where the FS2 children come in and out of school) and this is also checked regularly by staff.


Your child should now have their new reading books. In Class 6 we aim to change the books on Fridays and encourage the children to choose their own books. We will read with your child every week in class through either 1:1 reading, guided reading, phonics or other reading activities. Depending upon the activity, this isn't always recorded in the reading diary, however rest assured your child is doing lots of regular reading with an adult in school. We also aim to regularly check that your child is on the correct book band. We do this by checking their oral decoding and blending of words, listening to their fluency when reading and making sure that they understand what has been read. It is important that your child is reading both fiction and non-fiction texts. We would also encourage them to be reading text in their everyday environment. This could include things like: leaflets, magazines, postcards, street names, shopping lists, letters etc. 

Collection arrangements

Please pop a note in your child’s book bag if somebody different is picking up your child or call the school office if plans should change during the day. Please also encourage your child to hand the letter to the teacher or catch us on the playground at the start of the day to ensure the letter is seen. As we’re sure lots of our parents will appreciate, we cannot let any child leave our care without prior consent from a parent or guardian. We thank you for your patience with this. If it is a regular club that your child is attending, a letter from home isn’t needed.

Curriculum and topics

Curriculum letters are uploaded to the school website termly to update you on what your child is up to in our class (About Us/Curriculum). We thank you for your support with our topics and we love it when the children bring in things from home that supports our topic, whether that be a book, object or picture to share with their friends! We will be starting our homes and Castles topic towards the end of this half term.


We are always really grateful for the support that our parents offer us. Sometimes we have to rely on parent support for certain events to run. Please could you let us know if you are able to help with trips or visits. We are also always looking out for any family members who can volunteer to listen to the children read regularly in school. If you think you are able to help, please catch Miss Williams in the playground to arrange when you are able to come in to listen to some Class 6 readers! (currently we are not asking for parent volunteers due to Covid restrictions, however we are hoping this will be started back up in the near future smiley)

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to us on the playground at drop off or pick up, we’ll be more than happy to help as best we can.
Thank you for your support,

The Class 6 Team 

Below is a list of useful phonics games which can be played at home with your children to support them with their reading. These games are also accessible on most tablets and smart phone devices.

Picnic on Pluto 
Select either Phase 3 (for an easier challenge), Phase 4 (to practise blending consonants together) or 5 (to practise something new/trickier). Choose between practising one specific sound (i.e. ‘ay’) or practising all the sounds in that phase by clicking the ‘revise all’ button in the bottom right hand corner. The children will then need to read the word that appears and decide whether the word is ‘real’ or ‘made up’ and then feed it to the right alien. We use this game lots in school so the children should already be familiar with this. There are also lots of other free games on this website if you wish to explore!! ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Buried Treasure’ follow the same format.


Phoneme Pop 
Start by selecting the group of sounds you would like to practise (and making sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up!) The children will be given one of these sounds and will need to pop as many bubbles as they can with the same sound on as possible. Have fun!

Deep Sea Phonics

In this game, children can practise spelling as well as reading. Choose a difficulty (make sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up again!) and listen to the word. The children will then need to choose the right sounds to blend together to spell the word.