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Year 2

Welcome to the class 9 page! Here you will find pictures

and writing about what we have been up to, helpful class information, and links to help with learning at home! 

End of the Year!


Wow, what a strange year it has been! We can hardly believe it is over, it just seems like such a whirlwind! I wanted to say a last BIG thank you to all of Class 9 (and Class 9 parents!) for making my very first year at WBIS such a special one. I really appreciate all you have done for us - we have had so much fun, and I've never met such a kind and considerate class! I know I will cherish all of the memories we have made this year. You will be FANTASTIC at the Junior School, and I can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things you will be getting up to - everyday is an adventure after all! Have a wonderful summer Class 9, you deserve it!


Lots of love,

Miss Williams x

The Coming of The Iron Man

As you may know our topic this term is Ted Hughes' Iron Man story. This week we have started the story, and Class 9 have really taken an interest! So much that we decided to build our own Iron Man from lots of different box model supplies. As a class we discussed what he looked like; his shapes, the size of him, what he might be made of. Then working together, we slowly constructed our very own Iron Man, matching shapes, laying out the parts of his body correctly, and even discussing joints such as elbows and knees. Then we wrapped his up in tin foil, talking about the properties of the material which closely resembled the metal Iron Man is made from. He now hangs in our reading area, watching us as we read our own Iron Man story. Fantastic job Class 9!
Welcome back Class 9! We hope you have had a brilliant Christmas and a restful New Year, ready to start this term. You have certainly shone this week, getting straight into out holiday recount and division maths challenges! Lots of sharing, grouping, and not to forget about the fantastic independent learning! Keep up this enthusiasm Class 9 - wow!

Yesterday Year 2 went to visit the Methodist Church. We were very fortunate to have lots of lovely people share with us what Christians believe in, and how Christmas is a very important time to them. We listened to the Christmas story, and some of us were even able to wear costumes as the story was told! We talked about the significance of the story and why Christians celebrate Christmas, focusing on the aspect of light. Then we all had a chance to partake in 3 different activities, creating pieces of artwork that represented light. These will be displayed in the church at a later date to go and view yourself! We were all very engaged with our work!


A massive thank you needs to be said for those parents who helped us walk to the church or stayed to help with the activities! You helped make sure that the short walk was safe for the children, and joined in very enthusiastically with the children. The people at the church even commented on how brilliantly everyone joined in, so thank you so much for your help!



Last week Class 9 were the winners of the star trophy once again! That makes Class 9 the first class to have the trophy twice this year! Fantastic work Class 9! smiley

London's Burning!


This week we were very lucky to have a talented group come into school called Partake! They helped us as we acted out the whole story of the Great Fire of London together, making sure to go over all the details! We all wore either a fancy waistcoat or a lovely long skirt in the fashion of Tudor London, and some of us got to dress up like Thomas Farriner or King Charles the Second! We acted as the rats that spread the Black Plague (and drew red crosses on our front doors), we watched as Thomas Farriner forgot to put out the last embers of his fire, and we also had the chance to be the fire - using red and yellow ribbon to signify the fire getting bigger and bigger! It was a wonderful, very engaging afternoon!

Today Year 2 went back in time! We time travelled to 1666, and Class 9 had completely changed to Tudor London, with lots of different Tudor artefacts. We split into groups, donned our detective hats and got to work! We went around the classroom and noted down any clues we could find, from the bakery crime scene, mystery smelling pots and hidden diary, to the art gallery and water challenge. Class 9 had a great morning figuring out what each area linked to, and we found out that it was all about... The Great Fire of London! We have some FAB detectives in Class 9! Ask us all about what we learned, we were very enthusiastic!  

There was a crime scene in our class! The detectives were on the case!

We found a mysterious old piece of paper buried in the dirt. We also found some cheese...?

We looked at some old newspapers very carefully - it was full of clues!

There were some odd smelling pots to smell, some were nicer than others! We thought about what they could be, and where we would find these smells.

There was an art gallery full of lots of old looking paintings! We had to look for clues within them and think about what time period we were in and how we know! What events were the paintings showing?

A great model of the bakery was created!

As you may have heard, Class 9 had a market place last week! The children got stuck straight in with the various different tasks! Measuring weight, looking at different bread (linking back to our bread tasting in Autumn 1!), buying ingredients for healthy eating, using commas in shopping lists and of course all of the creative work! Building and making scanners and posters, using alliteration and creating slogans! Its been amazing to see everyone take the shop on board for great independent learning, well done class 9!

Welcome back class 9! We hope you've had an amazing half term with lots of rest, but it is so lovely to have you back! And what a busy first week back it has been - we've looked at the Gun Powder plot, made our own rockets, created firework pictures, written acrostic poems, even looked at and held lots of different artefacts from the Victorian ages and compared them to our modern items! Alongside that we have written our own shape poetry, and had a go at independently answering different number sentences. Wow class 9, keep up this enthusiasm!

Lots of firework pictures were created using and combining different materials!

Some very precise rocket making!

We were very eager to find out as much as possible about the Gunpowder Plot, looking at pictures and books to find facts!

We built Tudor style houses, looking at the pictures to recreate some of the classic features of the houses!

We worked super hard on our maths problems!

This week has been a design and technology week for year 2! We have been looking at healthy diets, food groups and eating in moderation. Class 9 decided to design their very own healthy snack! First we tasted ingredients, some we liked a lot more than others! After that, we planned our healthy snack design and chose the ingredients we'd like to use. Then using our designs we made our snacks - then came the tasting! We had a bite and evaluated our snack, talking about what we thought went well, and what we would improve on and change next time. Then we ate the rest - yum!


Today we wrote our own instructions on how to make our snacks, using lots of time connectives and imperative (bossy!) verbs. It has been a very productive week!

Image result for clipart star

On our third week back at school, Class 9 wowed everyone with their shinning behaviour and took home the star trophy for the week! Fantastic work Class 9, you're shinning bright!

Stonehurst Farm Trip


As you know the Year 2 cohort went on a fantastic trip to Stonehurst farm as part of the Farm to Fork topic. The children were able to experience what it was like to visit a real farm, with lots of farm animals such as pigs, calves, BIG cows, sheep, even a (very brave and curious) Turkey! We went on a tractor ride to the potato field, and learnt all about how the potatoes are grown, cared for, and what happens after they are grown. Then we got to harvest our own! Farmer Tom was very impressed with all our fantastic questions. We held animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits, and we even helped name them! It was a very busy trip, but we all had lots of fun! Thank you so much to all of the parent helpers who volunteered to go on our trip to ensure the children were safe and happy, we couldn't have done it without you!

Lights, Camera, Action!

As most of you may know, our very own Mrs Pavier was recently on television! She starred on BBC's Panorama to discuss and tackle issues around climate change - it was very interesting! As this was happening, Year 2 were very fortunate enough to get a look at behind the scenes with the lead camera team! In small groups we looked at how to operate the camera, what to press and how to record. We tried on the special headphones to listen to the interview, and some of us used the microphones to interview each other! It was very exciting!

P.E. - Our P.E days this year are every Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. School kit should consist of a white t-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms, and black plimsolls or trainers. Please could you ensure your child brings their P.E kit on these days. They are more than welcome to leave it at school!

Below are some links to the various areas we will cover in Year 2. The children love using the computers at school, and some of these websites are their favourites!


  1. Phonics
  2. The Great Fire of London
  3. The Gun Powder Plot
  4. Computing 
  5. Typing Practise 
  6. Money 
  7. Maths Sorting and Data
  8. Amazing Animals
  9. Nocturnal Animals