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School Curriculum Overview

We held a phonics evening for all parents on November 23rd.  If you couldn't attend, here are the notes from the presentation.

School Curriculum


We aim to provide all children with a broad, balanced, exciting and enjoyable experience.


 The school has developed a skills based curriculum, taught through a variety of contexts, particularly those that are of interest to our children.


· Reading is taught through the comprehensive use of a range of reading resources and activities. 

· Factual and extended creative writing are encouraged and reflect each child’s response and stimuli. 

· We teach numeracy lessons where the emphasis lies on developing mental strategies and problem solving.

· Programmes of science, history and geography are integrated within the curriculum, providing opportunities for observing and posing questions about life and the environment. 

· We provide a variety of physical activities (with and without apparatus) for development of motor and games skills, self expression and self confidence.

· We have a strong emphasis on creative arts (music, drama and art) in our school and we are locally renowned for our singing!


The curriculum reflects our multi-cultural society and we are committed to provide all children with a broad based education regardless of culture, class, religion or gender.


Children are actively encouraged to have a positive view of themselves and others and to be caring and responsible towards each other. 


Our children’s attainment is high in comparison to local and national standards.