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Shhh...listen, it's Storytime!

Listen to our teacher's storytime sessions.


The Pea and the Princess read by Mrs Cutts

 'Chocolate Cake' a poem read by Ms Stevens

The Bear and the piano read by Mr Heeley

Monkey Puzzle read by Miss Pickering

Barry the Fish with Fingers read by Mrs Pavier

On a Pirate Ship read by Mrs Chappell 

Baby Brains read by Mrs Ward

Ruby’s Worry read by Miss Williams

Dave read by Miss McPhail

The Smartest Giant in Town read by Miss Pickering

The Troll read by Mrs Angus

A Squash and a Squeeze read by Mrs Kennerley

Odd Socks read by Mrs Pavier

The Lion Inside read by Mr Heeley

The Three Billy Goats Gruff read by Mrs Pavier

Katie's Picture Show read by Mr Heeley

Sugarlump and the Unicorn read by Miss McPhail

Owl Babies read by Mrs Ward

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs read by Mrs Angus

Odd Dog Out read by Miss Pickering

Paper Dolls read by Miss Williams

Someone Bigger read by Mrs Chappell

Supertato read by Mrs Kennerley

Mr Peek at the Zoo read by Miss Pickering

Never Tickle a Tiger read by Mrs Pavier

The Elephant and the Bad Baby read by Mrs Angus

Please Mrs Butler poems read by Mrs Ward

While We Can't Hug - an animated story by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

There's a Snake in my School read by Miss Pickering

Aliens Love Underpants read by Miss Williams

The Maggie B. read by Mrs Cutts

Tiddler read by Mrs Kennerley

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole read by Mrs Barker

I will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato read by Miss Williams

Whoops It Wasn't Me read by Ms Stevens

Bugs in a Blanket read by Miss Pickering

Some Dogs Do read by Mrs Dinsdale

Dogs Don't Do Ballet read by Miss Williams

Grrrrr! read by Miss Pickering

Hedgehugs read by Mrs Dinsdale

Little Red Riding Hood read by Mrs Chappell

Elmer read by Miss McPhail

Jack and the Beanstalk read by Mrs Chappell

A Bit Lost read by Miss McPhail