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Who's Who

Who’s who


On Oct 9th 2014 the following PTA Committee Members were agreed for the current academic year.  Please feel free to speak to any of us in the playground about anything regarding the PTA.




                                             Thandi Barratt                                                  Candice Fairclough Smith            



                                                                                       Peter Yard                                                                        






                                                                     Naomi Horner and Heather Wass                                   


Social Media Secretary


Emily Holton


Social Secretary




                                            Liz Barley                                                             Becky Percy   


                                                        Web Content




                                                                                      Shaghufta Zara



Teacher Liaison

Sally Whitrow


Class Reps

  • Class 2: Meesha Cooper, Katie Lodge and Alison Bennett

  • Class 3 Reps: Gemma Collett, Rasool Gore and Mandy Hyde

  • Class 9 Reps: Alison Brooks, Harriet Matthews

  • Class 5 Rep: Raj Badwal and Sarah Rydall

  • Class 7 Reps: Emily Holton, Katie Manning and Ros Perry

  • Class 8 Reps: Dave Murray, Jaci Sullivan and Ann Leigh-Browne

  • Class 1 Rep: Sarah Wynn and Marilyn Castro

  • Class 4 Rep: Marion Snow

  • Class 6 Rep: Jola Kijowska