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Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Spring Term 2020 Curriculum Letter



Our year 1 topics help the children to see how all aspects of their learning are connected. Through investigative learning and practise, we show the children how to apply their transferrable skills in all curriculum areas. This half-term’s topic will be centred around the theme of ‘Superheroes’. We will be using this topic to inspire our writing and allow us to consider the human body and our senses as a part of our science work. After half term we will then move onto looking at London and the wider United Kingdom, following a geography focus.

Alongside this we will be following the Year 1 maths, reading, writing and phonics curriculum.



This term we will be learning about the human body. We will name and consider the functions of various body parts. Also as a part of thinking about the human body we are also looking at healthy lifestyles. We will encourage the children to ask lots of questions and discuss the things they believe to be healthy or unhealthy. We will be thinking about our senses and what they are used for. We will continue to look at seasonal change



We will be listening to a range of music and discussing how it makes us feel. We will also learn songs related to our topics. As a part of our learning about the UK, we will look at traditional music from different parts of the UK. We will be continuing to practise our singing each week.



Our focus this term is healthy body, healthy mind. We will be considering all of the ways that we can stay healthy, as well as considering things we enjoy doing. We will look at ways to make good choices in our daily lives to improve our health and wellbeing. As well as this we will continue the theme of New Year’s resolutions and continue to consider our ‘wishes’ for the year ahead.



This term we will be considering the Royal family as a part of our London topic. As well as this we will also be considering some significant individuals in living memory who have contributed to national achievements. We will predominantly be looking at Mo Farah and his inspirational achievements in British Sport.


D & T

The children will be finding out about how to join materials together in temporary and permanent ways. They will be constructing vehicles for their superheroes.



The children will name, locate and identify the four UK countries, their capital cities and surrounding seas. We will be finding out about places in the UK that we have visited and find them on a map.



For Art this term we will continue practising a variety of skills including

drawing, painting and collage. We will be looking at the work of different artists, including pop artists such as Andy Warhol, linked to our superhero comics.



We will be using the laptops and iPads with a range of cross- curricular software. We will be learning how use the laptops, iPads and software safely. We will be creating a stop-motion animation using what we have learned so far.


We are developing our physical skills through Dance, Games and Gym. We are learning to be still, travelling in different ways and making still shapes. Joe will be teaching P.E. on Wednesday so please wear P.E. kit to school. Please make sure your child has the correct P.E kit for indoor and outdoor sessions.


All about me

Each Friday a child will be given a bag to take home over the weekend and we would like you to help your child to put items in the bag that tell their teacher and classmates all about them. It could be their favourite toy, book, a medal from something they are good at, their favourite outfit, photographs etc. Please try to help your child to think of something that we might not already know about him/her.  The photographs could include a picture of their house, bedroom or pet.

Please try not to bring in any items that are too expensive as accidents do happen.

Thank you,

The Year One Team.