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Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

We have had a busy start to the New Year and have been singing in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been looking at the patterns they make on a 100 square, paying for toys in our role play shop using 2p, 5p and 10p coins and making the multiples of 2, 5 and 10 using coins, cubes and numicon. There are lots of fantastic songs on youtube which we enjoy singing along to if you wanted to practise at home too!

What is Phonics?

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne explain what Phonics actually is and why we use it in school.

Individual sound pronounciation guide

In this video you are shown precisely how each sound should be spoken. Any subtle differences in the sound spoken can change the way a child builds together the word and therefore can affect how they read. An example is shown in the video. We hope you find this helpful.

Year 1 Information



In Year 1 we have 2 P.E. days. Please check your child's class page to see which days these are. At this time we encourage the children to come in already wearing their sports kit and any jewellery (including earrings) will also need to be removed before coming to school

Name Labels

In school each child has their own peg, where the children hang their coats. However, please ensure that all items of clothing have your child's name and class number written in as they can occasionally go missing around the school. We do our best to find anything that is lost before the end of school, however this isn’t always possible. However, you are able to check in the lost property box at the end of the school day. It’s located near the rear school doors and is checked regularly by staff.


In Year 1 we aim to change reading books weekly and encourage the children to choose their own books. We will read with your child every week in class through either 1:1 reading, guided reading, phonics or other reading activities. Depending upon the activity, this isn't always recorded in the reading diary, however rest assured your child is doing lots of regular reading with an adult in school. We also aim to regularly check that your child is on the correct book band. We do this by checking their oral decoding and blending of words, listening to their fluency when reading and making sure that they understand what has been read. It is important that your child is reading both fiction and non-fiction texts. We would also encourage them to be reading text in their everyday environment. This could include things like: leaflets, magazines, postcards, street names, shopping lists, letters etc. 


Collection arrangements

We do our best to make sure home time is as swift as possible. Please can you ensure that you pop a note in your child’s book bag if someone different is picking up your child. Please also encourage your child to hand the letter to the teacher to ensure the letter is seen. As I’m sure lots of our parents will appreciate, we cannot let any child leave our care without prior consent from a parent or guardian. We thank you for your patience with this. If it is a regular club that your child is attending, a letter from home isn’t needed as we are aware of which children go to after school clubs and groups.

Curriculum and topics

Curriculum letters are uploaded to the school website termly to update you on what your child is up to in our class (About Us/Curriculum). We thank you for your support with our topics and we love it when the children bring in things from home that supports our topic, whether that be a book, object or picture to share with their friends! We will be starting our homes and Castles topic towards the end of this half term.


 We are always really grateful for the support that our parents offer us. Sometimes we have to rely on parent support for certain events to run.  Please could you let us know if you are able to help with trips or visits. We are also always looking out for any family members who can volunteer to listen to the children read regularly in school. If you think you are able to help, please catch your child's Year 1 teacher in the playground to arrange when you are able to come into school to listen to some readers! (currently we are not asking for parent volunteers due to Covid restrictions, however we are hoping this may be started back up in the near future.) 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to us on the playground at drop off or pick up, we’ll be more than happy to help as best we can. Thank you for all the support,

Miss McPhail, Miss Williams, Mrs Jackson-Crane and Mrs Kennerley