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Year 1

Year 1

Autumn Term Curriculum Map


Our year 1 topics help the children to see how all aspects of their learning are connected. Through investigative learning and practise, we show the children how to apply their transferrable skills in all curriculum areas. This term’s topic will begin with home and then look at buildings in West Bridgford. After this, the children will explore homes in the wider world and also investigate castles.  

The following questions will be explored: Where do I live? What makes a house a home? How are homes built and created? What materials are houses made of? The children will also be encouraged to think of their own questions to extend our enquiries and stimulate their interests.

Alongside this we will be following the year 1 maths, reading, writing and phonics curriculum.


Science                  We will begin to observe and describe the daily weather as well as the weather associated with the four seasons. We will be learning about everyday materials and we will describe, compare, group and distinguish the materials from which everyday objects are made. As well as learning about key science themes we would like to encourage the natural curiosity within the children. We will be encouraging them to ask lots of questions about our topics and their own interests.


Music                    We are going to be using our voices expressively and creatively by learning lots of new songs throughout the term. We will learn songs about Harvest time to sing in our celebrations in school and then practice Christmas songs in the second half term in preparation for our Christmas concert. We will enjoy listening to all kinds of music and we will play with control untuned musical instruments in our weekly singing practise with Mrs Flinn the pianist.


P.S.H.E.                 We will learning about why we have rules and working on being role models for the younger children who have now started school. We will be focussing on listening to other people in our new classrooms and working and playing cooperatively. We will be looking at developing a growth mindset with help from The Brilliant Bridgford Brain Boosters!


R.E.                       We will be finding out about special places that are important to our families which may include different types of holy buildings. We will visit the local church and find out about how it is used in the community


History                  Our study of castles and local buildings will help to develop an awareness of the past. We will be finding out about famous castles and what it was like to live in a castle long ago. We will be learning about famous Kings and Queens of the past. We will investigate household artefacts from the last hundred years and discuss technological changes.  


Geography             We will look at local maps and aerial views. The children will use geographical vocabulary to refer to key human features, including cities, towns and villages as well as key physical features including forests, hills and mountains.


D & T                    The children will be finding out about how to join materials together in temporary and permanent ways. They will be designing and making products that allow movement. The children will be designing and making their own box model castles.


Art                       In Art this term we will be learning a variety of skills including drawing, painting, collage and printing. We will be learning about how to add texture to our drawings and using these new skills to create portraits of ourselves as Kings and Queens as well as castle and knight pictures.


Computing                 We will be using a range of technology, such as the laptops and iPads, safely with a range of cross-curricular software. We will use our laptops and iPads to create and store our work through creating images and word processing.  We will also learn to use the internet safely such as when we use Google Earth to explore West Bridgford and hot and cold locations later in the term.    


P.E.                           We are developing our physical skills through cooperative indoor games and outdoor learning. We will be developing and extending our agility, balance and coordination skills.

Joe will be teaching P.E. on Wednesdays so please wear P.E. kit to school. Please make sure your child has the correct P.E kit for indoor and outdoor sessions. 


All About Me Bag
Each Friday one child in each class will be given a bag to take home over the weekend. They will then bring it back to school the following week and talk to the class about what they have put in their bag. The activity is intended to help your child develop their sense of identity; what makes them who they are; their likes and dislikes. It is also an opportunity for each child to develop a sense of pride in their personal qualities, skills and achievements.

When it is your child’s turn we would like you to help them to put items in the bag that tell their teacher and classmates about things they like to do. It could be their favourite toy, book, a medal from something they are good at, their favourite outfit, photographs etc. Please try to help your child to think of something that we might not already know about him/her.  They might include photographs of their house or pet.   Please try not to send in any items that are too expensive as accidents do happen.

Thank you,

The Year One Team.