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Year 2 Curriculum Letter

YEAR 2 AUTUMN TERM Curriculum 2019



Our topics this term are “From Farm to Fork” and “The Great Fire of London”.


We are continuing to develop our enquiry-based learning. Year 2 classrooms are organised into areas where children work independently or in small groups on tasks such as writing, designing or constructing. The children will participate in our topic enquiry which will challenge them to apply and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding in practical, meaningful contexts. The children will benefit from the continuous provision that allows them to revisit taught experiences and provides rich opportunities for exploration and challenge.

In addition to English and Maths we will be covering the following themes in these subjects.



This half-term we are learning about the origins of food, food groups and how we can make healthy choices with our diet. We will be visiting Stonehurst Farm in Mount Sorrel to look at farming and animals and their offspring. We will also be thinking about what animals, including humans, need to survive.



For the first half-term we will be finding out about Christianity and Harvest.  We will be looking at stories with morals and meanings. We will be exploring miracle stories, the creation story and how we can take care of the Earth.



This half term we are looking at new beginnings, belonging and taking on the responsibilities of being a Year 2.  We will be looking at the reasons for having school rules.  Children will be learning to be playground friends and being role models for the younger children.  We will be looking at the ways we learn and how our ‘Learning Powers’ such as perseverance can help as well as developing a growth mind-set.



We will be continuing with our weekly sessions from the Premier Sports providers. This term we are learning skills linked to games, gymnastics and dance.



This term we are finding out about famous people and events, e.g. The Great Fire of London, the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. We will be researching and re-enacting through drama these historical events in order to understand their importance. We will be finding out about global issues by using the CBBC Newsround website throughout the term. In Geography, we will be defining human and physical features and how they are represented on a map, including keys and symbols. We will also be investigating food and bread, mapping where they come from.


Art/Design and Technology

After exploring healthy snacks already available on the market, we will be designing, making and evaluating our own healthy treat. We will look at different portrait artists; focusing on self-portraits in different styles using a range of media.  We will also be looking at the work of some ‘food themed’ art as inspiration for our own creations.



We will be learning to control the voice to make high and low notes and using percussion instruments. We will be making a start on learning to play the recorder and we will be learning new songs connected with our themes and songs for Harvest Festival and the Christmas performance.



This term we are learning how to use the keyboard to create text. We will also be creating images and learning how to save our work. The children will continue to use the school website to support their school learning (these can be accessed at home too on class 1’s page) and have opportunities to use iPads in different subjects.



WOW’ Bag

Each Friday one child in each class will be given a ‘WOW’ bag to take home over the weekend. They will then bring it back to school the following week and talk to the class about what they have put in their bag. The activity is intended to help your child develop their sense of identity; what makes them who they are; their likes and dislikes. It is also an opportunity for each child to develop a sense of pride in their personal qualities, skills and achievements.

When it is your child’s turn we would like you to help them to put items in the bag that tell their teacher and classmates about things they like to do. It could be their favourite toy, book, a medal from something they are good at, their favourite outfit, photographs etc. Please try to help your child to think of something that we might not already know about him/her.  They might include photographs of their house or pet.   Please try not to send in any items that are too expensive as accidents do happen.



Your child will bring home a maths and spelling/grammar homework task every 2 weeks.  This is so children can revisit and embed prior learning.