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Year 2 Curriculum Letter




We continue to develop our enquiry-based learning. Year 2 classrooms are organised into areas where children work independently or in small groups on tasks such as writing, designing or constructing. The children will participate in our topic enquiry which will challenge them to apply and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding in practical, meaningful contexts. The children will benefit from the continuous provision that allows them to revisit taught experiences and provides rich opportunities for exploration and challenge.

In addition to English and Maths we will be covering themed work related to ‘Man on the Moon.



We will start by looking briefly at the Solar System, the planets and some related space facts. We will explore forces and movement through practical experiments with ‘stomp rockets’ and materials.  Before Easter, we will also investigate how different types of chocolate change when heated and cooled.



We will be looking at the history of space travel and specifically, the 1969 moon landing.



This term we are looking at Judaism and we will explore the beliefs of Jewish people. We will discuss how different people express their ideas about God.  In addition to this, we will discuss the Easter story, and also Chinese New Year.



We will be discussing New Year’s Resolutions and our goals for the year. We will look at relationships, how to respect diversity, equality and how to manage emotions.  The children will also continue to watch CBBC’s Newsround and discuss relevant items. This encourages children’s listening skills, their spoken language and their global understanding.



Dance - we will be exploring dance through the theme of The Iron Man and Space. (The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is a significant text that we will be focusing on in English this term.)

Gymnastics – As part of our work with Premier Sports, we will be repeating and linking combinations of actions, body shapes and balances with control. We will be performing our movements and thinking about how we can improve our actions.



This term we will be spending time learning about two contrasting localities.  We will be learning about the similarities and differences between our local area and a different place in the world.



We will be practising and developing drawing, collage and modelling skills using the solar system and the Iron man as a stimulus.



We will be learning new songs relevant to our topic.  The children will be given the opportunity to play percussion instruments and create their own compositions. They will be continue to learn to play the recorder and read musical notation.



We will be designing, making and evaluating a product fit for a purpose e.g. an astronaut’s backpack, a box to protect an Easter egg or a model space centre.  The children will also be making aliens/space crafts from modelling materials and equipment.



We will be learning how to use programmable devices such as Roamers and Bee-bots.  The children will be researching facts and information about our topic.



This term we have planned a trip to Perlethorpe Educational Centre in the later part of the term.

The day will focus on problem solving and team building in the outdoors.