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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5
Mrs Kennerley


Our Trip to Conkers

We had lots of fun on Tuesday when we visited Conkers. We got to make mud monsters in the forest, play on the climbing frames, ride on a train and even go on a barefoot walk (this was our favourite bit!)

Exciting News - Our Eggs Have Hatched!!

We have been waiting patiently over the last few weeks to see what would hatch out of our eggs. We guessed everything from different reptiles to different birds. At last, we got our surprise - 4 little runner ducklings! We have had a lovely week with the ducklings in our classrooms.

Below is a list of useful phonics games which can be played at home with your children to support them with their reading. These games are also accessible on most tablets and smart phone devices.

Picnic on Pluto
Select either Phase 3 (for an easier challenge), Phase 4 (to practise blending consonants together) or 5 (to practise something new/trickier). Choose between practising one specific sound (i.e. ‘ay’) or practising all the sounds in that phase by clicking the ‘revise all’ button in the bottom right hand corner. The children will then need to read the word that appears and decide whether the word is ‘real’ or ‘made up’ and then feed it to the right alien. We use this game lots in school so the children should be familiar. There are also lots of other free games on this website if you wish to explore!! ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Buried Treasure’ follow the same format.


Phoneme Pop
Start by selecting the group of sounds you would like to practise (and making sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up!) The children will be given one of these sounds and will need to pop as many bubbles as they can with the same sound on as possible. Have fun!

Deep Sea Phonics
In this game, children can practise spelling as well as reading. Choose a difficulty (make sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up again!) and listen to the word. The children will then need to choose the right sounds to blend together to spell the word.

Children can also use their phonics mats to help them break down unfamiliar words when reading at home.


If you have any questions or would like a new phonics mat, please catch us on the playground.

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   We have been busy writing our Supertato and Super Pea stories in Class 5. Lots of vegetables have been in peril but Supertato has saved the day! We have made our own superhero vegetables and continue to have superhero adventures in The Superhero Rescue Center!

  We have been learning about the artist Jon Burgerman who comes from and studied in Nottingham. the children have worked together to produce their own Burgerman style art pieces.


We have had a busy week in class 5 creating our own superhero characters , finding out about our bodies,  making our own Supertato stories  and measuring to mention just a few of our activities. Our superhero's include Diamond Dixie, Zapping Zack and Power Poppy !


We have also opened our Superhero rescue centre !
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Picture 3
Picture 1
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Picture 3

This week we have been busy making clay dragons.


Class 5 had a fantastic time visiting Tamworth Castle last week. We visited the servant and helped her lay the table for the Lord and Lady of the castle. We also practised jousting in the great hall and had fun trying on the heavy suits of armour in the castle's armoury. One of our favourite parts was visiting the dungeon and then climbing up the narrow passageway to look out of one of the castle's arrow slits. We also climbed to the top of the tower. What a busy, busy day!! 


We have had lots of fun making our firework pictures..


Picture 1

We have been working on our number bonds to 10 and even 20 for an extra challenge.

We have been learning about place value by making two digit numbers.
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We have had lots of fun making and painting our castles out of cardboard boxes and tubes. They look fantastic!

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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

We have had a busy first couple of weeks as Year Ones. We have started our topic on Castles and have had lots of fun writing, dressing up as knights and eating banquets in our new role play areas. We have also drawn castles and drawn ourselves as Kings and Queens! We started box modelling our castles this week and are excited to soon show you what we have made. Thank you for all your donations of cardboard tubes and boxes, they will make fantastic battlements and turrets. We also hope you enjoyed visiting our new classrooms on our reading and meet the teacher morning.