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Welcome to Class 5
Miss McPhail
Year 1

Last week we visited The Caves of Nottingham and the National Justice Museum! We had a great time exploring the depths of the manmade caves underneath the city. In the National Justice Museum we got to explore an old police station, try on old and new police uniforms and have a look round old jail rooms. We also were shown inside an old court room and we re-enacted the trial of Robin Hood. We loved having a go at dressing up and being a challenging jury! (We decided Robin Hood was a good man who wasn't guilty - although not all of us agreed). We had a super day! smiley
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We've had a really lovely time in class 5 today celebrating world book day. We have spent the week sharing some of our favourite books, characters and authors. Today we brought in some of our favourite stories and shared them with our friends. We also got snuggly in our jim-jams to listen to some class stories!

We are Super!!

We are Super!! 1
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Children in Need Day!

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Children in Need Day! 2

Something very odd has been happening in Class 5 this week. It seems that we have had a visitor! We have loved following the clues to try and work out what has entered our class this week. We have finally worked out it was a dragon! We've had so much fun designing friendly monsters, writing instructions about how to look after a baby dragon and investigating all of the clues left in our classroom! I wonder what will happen next in Class 5...

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Bonfire Night!


In Class 5 we have had a fantastic week celebrating Bonfire Night. We have learned all about the Gun Powder Plot and have had lots of fun making our own fireworks. We have been using pipe cleaners to draw in glitter, using paint to create our own fireworks and practised our cutting skills to make rockets out of 2D shapes. We have even made our own acrostic poems all about bonfire night! smiley

In Year One this half term we have been looking at houses and homes. We have been really interested in lots of different types of houses and this has made us think about what we might want in our dream house!

We have been lucky enough to have been visited by Jackson-Crane Architecture this week to extend our thinking about our dream homes. We talked about who an architect is and what jobs they do. We also looked at some floorplans and blueprints before creating our own for our dream houses! We have had lots of fun drawing and constructing different types of houses in class 5!


Floorplans 1
Floorplans 2
Floorplans 3
Floorplans 4
Floorplans 5
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Below is a list of useful phonics games which can be played at home with your children to support them with their reading. These games are also accessible on most tablets and smart phone devices.

Picnic on Pluto
Select either Phase 3 (for an easier challenge), Phase 4 (to practise blending consonants together) or 5 (to practise something new/trickier). Choose between practising one specific sound (i.e. ‘ay’) or practising all the sounds in that phase by clicking the ‘revise all’ button in the bottom right hand corner. The children will then need to read the word that appears and decide whether the word is ‘real’ or ‘made up’ and then feed it to the right alien. We use this game lots in school so the children should be familiar. There are also lots of other free games on this website if you wish to explore!! ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Buried Treasure’ follow the same format.


Phoneme Pop
Start by selecting the group of sounds you would like to practise (and making sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up!) The children will be given one of these sounds and will need to pop as many bubbles as they can with the same sound on as possible. Have fun!

Deep Sea Phonics
In this game, children can practise spelling as well as reading. Choose a difficulty (make sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up again!) and listen to the word. The children will then need to choose the right sounds to blend together to spell the word.

Children can also use their phonics mats to help them break down unfamiliar words when reading at home.


If you have any questions or would like a new phonics mat, please catch us on the playground.