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Mrs Jackson - Crane

21st April 2017


One World Week


Class 5 have had a fantastic week for One World Week. We have been looking at the work of the artist Kandinsky. We created our own versions of his art using paints and oil pastels whilst we listened to different kinds of music. We also learned lots of different dances from around the world. We even got to have a parade with our musical instruments on the playground. What a fantastic week!



31st March 2017


Easter egg hunt


We had a great time taking part in our Easter Egg hunt today. The Easter bunny had hidden an egg with our name on in the playground and we had to find it. We have worked so hard this half term so Mrs Jackson- Crane also treated us to a film afternoon with popcorn to share. We had a great time. We also did our spring concert this week. We were a bit nervous but had lots of fun when we were there and we saw all of our Mummies and Daddies. Happy Easter everyone!!! x

24th March 2017


Class 5 had a great day dressing in red for Comic Relief day. Many thanks for all of your effort and donations.

3rd March 2017


World Book Day!


Class 5 had a great day dressing up for World Book Day. We looked at the importance of reading and looked at lots of book by our chosen author Oliver Jeffers. We did lots of fun activities and loved spending the day dressed up in our costumes.

Friday 10th February


We have had such a busy and exciting few weeks in class 5. We have created our own Traction Man characters out of household objects. We have been learning how to be authors and not only have we written our own Traction Man stories but we have typed them up on the computer and made them into books for our reading garden. Some of us even filmed our stories on the Ipads using the Lego Movie app. In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and 20 and we have also introduced our new topic POP ART! We have been looking at the works of the artist Andy Warhol and creating our own art pieces in his style. We also had a lovely day to celebrate Chinese New Year and made our own Chinese lanterns. We have worked so hard this half term and need a good rest to recharge our batteries ready for next term. Have a lovely break everybody.

20th January


It's been another busy week of learning in Class 5. In Maths we have been measuring objects with cubes, we then moved onto measuring using a centimetre ruler. We also had lots of fun finding out who had the largest and smallest heads in the class using a tape measure. We had to look at the data we had gathered and make our decisions based on that. It was so much fun!!! Because we enjoyed measuring so much we also measured the weight of various items and had to use the balance scale to balance the unifix cubes with the penguins.


In Design and Technology we have been making superhero homes and vehicles using the box modelling items...there were some VERY tall houses!


In English we have been exploring the story of Traction Man written by Mini Grey. We have been using the ideas and characters in the story to help us create our own character and stories in the coming weeks. No wonder we are all tired after such a fun packed week of learning!!

6th January 2016


Happy New Year! What a brilliant first week back. In Science we have been learning all about the body by drawing around each other and labelling the body parts. We also had a problem solving day where we had our classroom set up so we could use our problem solving skills. We had to order numbers from the lowest number to the highest number, we also used hammer beads to create pictures. We had problem solving games on the iPad and had to decide if the words on the tables were real or 'alien words'. In the afternoon we used our problem solving skills again by trying to pass a hoop around a circle whilst holding hands. We finished the day by working in teams to make bridges that could hold blocks and even ourselves!!! We also took part in some den building exercises!!! Wow! What a super week! :-)

19th December 2016


What a great time we had at our Christmas party today! We even had a special visit from Santa who delivered us a class present that we can all use in the class. Thank you to all of the food you donated. We all had a fabulous time!!!



13th December 2016


We had a great time at St Giles church at the Christmas tree festival. We got to see the trees that people had decorated and hear about the Christmas story. We also talked about our hopes for Christmas. We had such a great time. Thanks to the church for a wonderful afternoon.

6th December - Bestwood Country Park trip


Class 5 had a great time at Bestwood. We went on a hunt in the woods and even got to go on the playground. We re-enacted the nativity story and got to dress up as the characters from the story. In the afternoon we made Christmas crafts. We were all very tired on the way home. Thank you to all of the parent helpers who came along.Your support is appreciated. 

25th November


For 'golden time' this afternoon we decided to make some dens out of blankets, pegs and chairs in the classroom. We used lots of brilliant language to describe our dens and created 'Keep Out' signs and measured how big the dens were. What a great afternoon!!

24th November 2016


It has been another busy few weeks in class 7. We have been learning to add and subtract two digit numbers using a number line. We have also been learning about money and adding coin values together to find the totals. We have enjoyed doing lots of Art too. We have been looking at the different seasons and creating beautiful tree Art using our fingerprints and paint. We also used oils to create a lovely winter landscape. This week we have started a topic on materials. We have been exploring different objects and deciding which materials they are made from based on their properties.

11th November 2016


It's been a busy week in class 5. We have been learning about Diwali and have been creating our own Mehndi patterns. We have also been finding different ways of creating words using string, sticks and pipe cleaners. This week we have also been creating our Christmas cards. We used special inks and created the footprints using our fingerprints. We hope you like them.

21st October 2016


Tamworth Castle


Class 5 had a amazing time at Tamworth Castle. We got to dress up as a Lord and Lady and we even learned how to use a special sword. We saw lots of the things we had been learning about in class while we were there. Thank you to all of the adult helpers who came along and thanks to those that offered to come.


26th September 2016


It's been another busy week in Class 5. Our new playground opened and we got to spend some time exploring the new equipment with our friends. In History we have been learning about what jobs people did in castles and in Maths we have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes. We had to put the items in the correct hoop. We also got our hands dirty by making making paper look old. We used coffee and tea and did lots of 'scrunching up' to create our scrolls. What a week! :-)



19th September 2016


It's been another busy week in Class 5. Our castles topic is in full swing and we have been doing lots of castle activities. We have been designing our own castles using paint. We have also been learning about 2D shapes and creating our own shape castles. We have also been learning all about what adjectives are and working in groups to come up with as many adjectives as we could to describe knights. Wow....what a super week!

Wow! We have had such a super start to class 5 and being Year Ones. We have been getting used to our new teachers and learning where everything is in the classroom. 


This term we are learning all about castles. In Art we having been learning how to draw our own castles and in Design and Technology we explored different ways of attaching paper to make our turrets.  We used paperclips, sellotape and glue!!!


In Computing we have been learning how to safely turn computers on and off and how to create a castle using the paint program. On top of that we have been doing reading, numbers and choosing time. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Class 5. :-)