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Welcome to Class 4
Mrs Nuñez

Year 1

Welcome to the Class 4 page!

Here you will find out important information, what we've been up to and find out some useful links to websites to support reading at home. Scroll down and take a look!


This half term we will be learning all about animals, understanding animal classifications and identifying which animals are omnivores, herbivores or carnivores.

What an exciting topic!  


Healthy Fortnight

During Healthy Fortnight we had so much fun trying out lots of different sporting activities as well as learning how to take care of ourselves and be healthy. Take a look at the pictures to see what we got up to.


This half term we are excited to be learning all about plants. 

We have been doing so much lovely learning this half term. We had a big focus on the story Jack and The Beanstalk. We read lots of variations of the story to see how different authors might change parts to make it unique. We had a go at describing characters from the story using amazing adjectives, we predicted what we thought might be at the top of the beanstalk if we were the authors and we even had a go at writing our own ending for the story. We had lots of lovely ideas and the imaginative writing was amazing. We even had a go at planting our own beanstalks! We have been focusing on naming and labelling different parts of plants, learning a variety of wild and garden plants and also naming different varieties of trees from looking at their leaves. We went on a tree hunt to our local park and worked as a team to identify trees! We even had discussion about if the trees were deciduous or evergreen trees. Take a look at some of our pictures to see what we have been up to in other areas of learning.


London and the United Kingdom 

We have all been very busy leaning all about the fabulous landmarks of London. We have done some super writing to describe them and we have even made a class guidebook for London. We each chose our favourite landmarks and wrote down some interesting facts about it! Did you know that Big Ben has 5 bells? WOW!! With Geography being the focus of this topic, we have also been looking at where London is on an aerial map and plotting the landmarks on our own map. We had to look carefully to see exactly where they were. We used the River Thames to help us with this. It was exciting to discover that the United Kingdom is made up of 4 different countries. We are exploring each of these countries and learning some interesting facts about them. Take a look at the pictures to see some other fun things we have been doing this topic.

Homes and Castles

The topic this term has led to lots of lovely learning. We had a visit from a real architect to learn all about how to design a home and how important an architects job is. We even had a go at drawing our own dream house. Some of us decided to add a swimming pool in our dream home and even a chocolate fountain. How exciting! We had a go at using different patterns and textures that we see on buildings to create our own house out of clay. Take a look at our class pictures to see what other fun and exciting things we have been up to this half term. 

Nottingham Castle Visit


We all had such a fantastic day visiting Nottingham Castle. It was such an amazing experience for everyone. We experienced listening and joining in with stories about the castle and Robin Hood, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, we even had the chance to see Nottingham on a really old map.

Did you know that Nottingham used to be called Snottingham?

Take a look at the pictures from our wonderful day at Nottingham Castle.

Thank you to all the parent helpers who helped out on the school trip!



In music, we used our hands and instruments to tap and clap to the beat.

We had an egg appear in our classroom! After lots of investigating we realised that it was a dragons egg so we had a go at using texture and colour to create some dragon art. They all looked fantastic!

We made a house out of clay. We added lots of detail using patterns and textures and painted them. They all looked really unique and we were very proud of what we had made.

We worked on joining materials to make a box model of a house. They all looked amazing!

In Art, we looked at artwork from the artist LS Lowry. We have been looking at and drawing different textures and patterns that we might see on different buildings.

We worked together to decide the properties of different materials.

We worked together to find out which materials things are made from in our classroom.

Our visit from a real Architect

We used cold colours to create a picture of an animal that lives in a cold place. They look AMAZING!

Take a look at the pictures from our Wreath making workshop!

Art activity

This week we have been working with warm colours to create a lovely piece of artwork. We used 2 primary colours, red and yellow to make this picture. Do you remember which colour we made by mixing red and yellow together? We used watercolours to paint a beautiful sunrise background and then we used black pens to draw a shadow picture of Tom, our class toucan. Everyone did such a great job and took their time to create a beautiful picture!

We have really enjoyed learning all of the 7 continents through this lovely song.

Still image for this video

Class 4 Come Dancing!!

Wow! What a fantastic week we have had. Robin Windsor from 'strictly come dancing' and another dancing professional called Cheryl came to visit our school. They were so much fun and taught us all a great dance! We were all Superstars and we were all just like 'Have a Go Hero'! It was a great experience for everyone and Robin thought Class 4 were all brilliant dancers. Well Done, everyone!


We have been very excited to learn all about Brazil. Our chosen hot country for our 'hot and cold places' topic. We have been learning about where Brazil is on a map, lots of interesting facts and even which continent it is located in. Do you know? We even had a special visitor who flew all the way From Brazil to visit Class 4. Tom the Toucan! Tom is staying with us for a couple of weeks and we have enjoyed showing him all of our lovely learning. We have even had a go at drawing Tom, labelling him and writing super sentences about him. Welcome to class 4, Tom!

Class 4 are Superheroes!

What a fantastic day we had to celebrate the end of our Superhero topic. Class 4 did such an amazing job completing missions at the Superhero Headquarters. We really enjoyed seeing all of the Superhero costumes, it was such an exciting day! Please take a look and enjoy the photos.

This week we have been learning all about the things that we can hear as that is one of our 5 senses. We went on a sound hunt outside and listened carefully to the sound of the wind, the trees rustling and the sound of our footsteps. We also enjoys a lovely yoga class where we went on a trip to the park. We got very creative in art as we explored the primary colours by printing patterns with potatoes- Don't worry, it wasn't Supertato! 

We have been doing lots of exciting learning these last couple of weeks. We are learning all about the 5 senses, counting back and forwards, learning 1 more and 1 less in Maths. We have enjoying our Superhero topic and we also had a go at making some Pop Art Superhero words like POW! ZAP! and SPLASH! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

We have all been getting used to the new routines of being in Year 1. It is such an exciting new experience for class 4. Take a look at what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Class 4 Information



In Year 1 we have 2 P.E. days. Our class P.E. day is on a Tuesday. Our Sporty Sophie P.E. session is on a Thursday morning. Please ensure your child comes dressed in their P.E. kit on P.E days and any jewellery (including earrings) will need to be removed before coming to school. 


Name Labels

In school each child has their own peg, where the children hang their coats. However, please ensure that all items of clothing have name stickers or names written in as they can occasionally go missing around the school. We do our best to find anything that is lost before the end of school, however this isn’t always possible. However, you are able to check in the lost property box at the end of the school day. It’s located near the rear school doors and is checked regularly by staff.



Your child should now have their new reading books. In Class 4 we aim to change the books on MONDAYS and encourage the children to choose their own books. We will read with your child every week in class through either 1:1 reading, guided reading, phonics or other reading activities. Depending upon the activity, this isn't always recorded in the reading diary, however rest assured your child is doing lots of regular reading with an adult in school. We also aim to regularly check that your child is on the correct book band. We do this by checking their oral decoding and blending of words, listening to their fluency when reading and making sure that they understand what has been read. It is important that your child is reading both fiction and non-fiction texts. We would also encourage them to be reading text in their everyday environment. This could include things like: leaflets, magazines, postcards, street names, shopping lists, letters etc. 


Collection arrangements

We do our best to make sure home time is as swift as possible. Please can you ensure that you pop a note in your child’s book bag or contact the office if someone different is picking up your child. Please also encourage your child to hand the letter to the teacher to ensure the letter is seen. As I’m sure lots of our parents will appreciate, we cannot let any child leave our care without prior consent from a parent or guardian. We thank you for your patience with this. If it is a regular club that your child is attending, a letter from home isn’t needed as we are aware of which children go to after school clubs and groups.


Curriculum and topics

We send out curriculum letters each term to keep you updated with our topics (About Us/Curriculum). We thank you for your support with our topics and we love it when the children bring in things from home that supports our topic, whether that be a book, object or picture.



We are always really grateful for the support that our parents offer us. Sometimes we have to rely on parent support for certain events to run. Please could you let us know if you are able to help with trips or visits. We are also always looking out for any family members who can volunteer to listen to the children read regularly in school. If you think you are able to help, please catch me in the playground to arrange when you are able to come in to listen to some Class 4 readers! (currently we are not asking for parent volunteers due to Covid restrictions, however we are hoping this will be started back up in the near future )


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to us on the playground at drop off or pick up, we will be more than happy to help as best we can.

Thank you for all the support,

The Class 4 Team


In Year 1 we place a big importance on reading and phonics. We do lots of reading practise in school, but it would be even better if this could be supported at home. Below are some phonics games which can be played at home with your children to support them with their reading. These games are also accessible on most tablets and smart phones.

Picnic on Pluto

Select either Phase 3 (for an easier challenge), Phase 4 (to practise blending consonants together) or 5 (to practise something new/trickier). Choose between practising one specific sound (i.e. ‘ay’) or practising all the sounds in that phase by clicking the ‘revise all’ button in the bottom right hand corner. The children will then need to read the word that appears and decide whether the word is ‘real’ or ‘made up’ and then feed it to the right alien. We use this game lots in school so the children should already be familiar with this. There are also lots of other free games on this website if you wish to explore!! ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Buried Treasure’ follow the same format.


Phoneme Pop 

Start by selecting the group of sounds you would like to practise (and making sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up!) The children will be given one of these sounds and will need to pop as many bubbles as they can with the same sound on as possible. Have fun!

Deep Sea Phonics

In this game, children can practise spelling as well as reading. Choose a difficulty (make sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up again!) and listen to the word. The children will then need to choose the right sounds to blend together to spell the word.


Have Fun!


*** If you have any questions about Phonics or would like a copy of any phonics sound mats, like the ones used in school, please catch us on the playground  ***