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Welcome to Class 4
Mrs Kennerley

Our Visit To The Caves

We had a fabulous time at the caves last Monday. We learnt all about the 700+ sandstone caves underneath our city of Snottingham! Some of us got to dress up as the characters in the story of Robin Hood and some of us had the important role of deciding- as a jury- if he was guilty of stealing. An action packed, history filled day!

Following this, we have written our own Robin Hood stories this week in the spirit of World Book Week. On Friday, we enjoyed having a cosy story time with hot chocolate and we got to watch the Disney film version of Robin Hood too. We have also taken part in book treasure hunts, wrote book reviews and played fairy tale and character guessing games with our friends. We have also enjoyed sharing lots of our favourite books and look forward to our visit from Alan McDonald today! Thank you again for coming into hear us read on Tuesday morning and also for your fantastic 'Get Caught Reading' photos, we will continue to enjoy looking at these on display and during the next few days in assembly.

A busy January in class 4

Wer'e having a very busy and fun time learning in Class 4. We have been enjoying our Super Heroes topic! We have  invented our own aliteration super Hero titles, used simile to describe our Super Heroes ,designed super hero outfits, invented Super Villains and much more! We have had a visit from Energy Emily , a Super Hero who is determined to save the environment and to waste less plastic!

In Maths we have been practicing counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been learning how to use a ruler to measure accurately. We have also found out who is tallest and shortest in our class. It is Evie and Emilie!! 

Christmas has arrived in Class 4!

Light Fantastic
We had a lovely time at the Methodist Church creating Christmas crafts for their Light Fantastic evening.

Wreath Making

We loved willow weaving on Monday and making our Christmas wreaths.

We have enjoyed using this programme to practise our handwriting this week, starting our pencils and pens in the correct place. 

We have been learning about remembrance day and why we have poppies to help us remember the people who were hurt or lost their lives in wars. 
Class 4 have really enjoyed working and playing in the Post Office .
We have also enjoyed playing this envelope sorting activity on our Computing Corner, adding and subtracting numbers within 0 to 20.

Castles Workshop

We were super lucky to be visited by Jade at PERFORM on Wednesday. We had so much fun in our dance/drama workshop thinking about Castles. We got completely in role and made actions for all the different characters in our story of King Arthur. We made potions and had actions for each thing we put in. We came up with fun dances too and even pretended to be statues so we weren't captured by an evil witch! Take a look at some photos and videos below! 

*** Hot and Cold Photos ***


Thank you so much to everyone who brought in a photograph of them in a hot/cold place. We have loved having a look at these in class and can't wait to use them to inspire our learning over the next few weeks. A gentle reminder to anyone that has not yet brought in a photograph, could we politely request these are brought in ASAP to support your child's learning smiley

Additionally, we are in the process of turning our role play areas into post offices/travel agents. We would be really grateful if anyone could donate any travel brochures, admission tickets, anonymised old envelopes, travel/tourism leaflets etc. We will be beginning to introduce money into the role play areas too and would be thankful if you could support their learning at home with this. It is a fantastic opportunity for them to learn to recognise different coins as well as learning the value of each coin. 


Thank you for your continued support!

What Have We Been Learning In Class 4 This Week?

 We have been learning all about castles after being inspired by our dragon egg arriving in our classroom. We have been drawing, building and labeling our own castles, working as a team to complete Mrs Kennerley's special castle jigsaw and making castle turrets from multi-link cubes in maths. In maths we have also been singing our number bonds to 10 and then making them using numicon.


Mystery Update!

At the end of last week we opened the box to find a green, glittery egg inside. Our excellent investigation skills led us to believe it belonged to a dragon!
Today we had a letter from the Dragon Catchers in our register tray. They wrote to tell us that they are planning to come and collect our magical egg at the end of the week. Unfortunately, the bottom of the letter was missing so we had to think of our own instructions on how we would look after our baby dragon if it hatched before the Dragon Catchers arrived.

Class 4 are Solving a Mystery!

We came into our classroom on Tuesday morning to find things weren't quite the same... Tables had been knocked over! Glittery gold footprints had been left on the floor! Windows were wide open! Books had been burnt AND a mysterious box had been left on our carpet! What could it be?! We have been thinking about the clues and wondering who our special visitor could be...

Architect Visit

On Tuesday Year 1 were lucky enough to be visited by Jackson-Crane Architecture. We learned all about the role of an architect and even got to practise some skills such as creating building designs. We looked at some of the tools architects use and even got to try on an architects 'uniform'. Our house designs look amazing and we had a fabulous morning. Thanks again to Jackson-Crane Architecture for your time and support!

This week during the nicer weather, we took the opportunity to head outside and make the most of the fresh air. It was wonderful to see the children being so active and following their own interests in our outdoor provision. We had ball games, skipping rope patterns, stilts, skipping, running races, observing nature, making a home for a worm, tower building, imaginary play, building a ‘car’, building a ‘dinosaur den’, comparing different leaves, playing hide and seek, making our own swings using skipping ropes, making adventure courses, using the climbing frames and much more. We love outdoor learning! 

Stay and Play Morning

Class 4 want to say a huge THANK YOU for coming to see their new Year 1 classroom yesterday morning. We were able to show you our Construction Area, Creative Corner, Writing Table and lots of other areas we can learn in. We had lots of fun drawing, reading, playing games and showing you around our new classroom with our friends. It was lovely to meet you all!

We had some questions asked about reading and phonics; if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will be able to find some fun games to play with your children at home. You can also find some more information about Phonics on the general Year 1 information page (Children/Class Pages/Year 1 Page).

Settling into Class 4

The children have settled nicely into Year 1 . we have made our helping hands,  built strong , tall towers towers and some bridges to keep us safe from crocodiles! We have started to think about our families and homes.

Some Useful Class 4 Information!


In Year 1 we have 2 P.E. days. Our class P.E. day is Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a P.E. kit that is left in school. We do this to ensure that should we like to take part in any further P.E. or sport, the children can change their clothing appropriately. We then send these P.E. kits home at the end of each half term. Our sporty Joe day is Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we encourage the children to come in already wearing their sports kit and any jewelry (including earrings) will also need to be removed before coming to school. 

Name Labels

In school each child has their own peg, where the children hang their coats. However, please ensure that all items of clothing have your child's name and class number written in as they can occasionally go missing around the school. We do our best to find anything that is lost before the end of school however if you are still missing something, you are able to check in the lost property box at the end of the school day. It’s located near the rear school doors (where the FS2 children come in and out of school) and this is also checked regularly by staff.


Your child should now have their new reading books. In Class 4 we aim to change the books on Fridays and encourage the children to follow their own interests by choosing their own books. We will read with your child every week in class through either 1:1 reading, guided reading, phonics or other reading based activities. Depending upon the activity, this isn't always recorded in the reading diary. We also aim to regularly check that your child is on the correct book band. We do this by checking their oral decoding and blending of words, listening to their fluency when reading and making sure that they understand what has been read. It is important that your child is reading both fiction and non-fiction texts which can be easily done by reading text in their everyday environment. This could include things like: leaflets, magazines, postcards, street names, shopping lists, letters etc. 

Collection arrangements

Please pop a note in your child’s book bag if somebody different is picking up your child or call the school office if plans should change during the day. Please also encourage your child to hand the letter to the teacher or catch us on the playground at the start of the day to ensure the letter is seen. As I’m sure lots of our parents will appreciate, we cannot let any child leave our care without prior consent from a parent or guardian. We thank you for your patience with this. If it is a regular club that your child is attending, a letter from home isn’t needed.

Curriculum and topics

Curriculum letters are uploaded to the school website termly to update you on what your child is up to in our class. We thank you for your support with our topics and we love it when the children bring in things from home that supports our topic, whether that be a book, object or picture to share with their friends! We will be starting our homes and Castles topic towards the end of this half term.


We are always really grateful for the support that our parents offer us. Sometimes we have to rely on parent support for certain events to run. Please could you let us know if you are able to help with trips, visits or reading in school.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to us on the playground at drop off or pick up, we’ll be more than happy to help as best we can.
Thank you for your support,

The Class 4 Team 

Below is a list of useful phonics games which can be played at home with your children to support them with their reading. These games are also accessible on most tablets and smart phone devices.

Picnic on Pluto
Select either Phase 3 (for an easier challenge), Phase 4 (to practise blending consonants together) or 5 (to practise something new/trickier). Choose between practising one specific sound (i.e. ‘ay’) or practising all the sounds in that phase by clicking the ‘revise all’ button in the bottom right hand corner. The children will then need to read the word that appears and decide whether the word is ‘real’ or ‘made up’ and then feed it to the right alien. We use this game lots in school so the children should be familiar. There are also lots of other free games on this website if you wish to explore!! ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Buried Treasure’ follow the same format.


Phoneme Pop
Start by selecting the group of sounds you would like to practise (and making sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up!) The children will be given one of these sounds and will need to pop as many bubbles as they can with the same sound on as possible. Have fun!

Deep Sea Phonics
In this game, children can practise spelling as well as reading. Choose a difficulty (make sure the volume on your computer/device is turned up again!) and listen to the word. The children will then need to choose the right sounds to blend together to spell the word.

Children can also use their phonics mats to help them break down unfamiliar words when reading at home.


If you have any questions or would like a new phonics mat, please catch us on the playground.