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Class 7 Together Again!


Class 7 have had a wonderful first week back in school as a whole class. We've loved catching up with our friends and playing lots of fun games with them. We've also enjoyed continuing our learning about Amazing Animals. Check out some of the super things we've been getting up to!

Historical Time Travelling


Class 7 were very shocked to find that their classroom had been transported back in time to a famous bakery on Pudding Lane, London in 1666! Using the historical artefacts and sources around the classroom and their best investigative skills, the children learnt all about the events of the Great Fire of London and its impact on the lives of those living in the city. This included examining a flour filled crime scene, Thomas Farriner's singed and burnt apron, an extract of Samuel Pepys' diary buried in some soil with his precious smelly cheese and a collection of portraits from the National Gallery!


In the afternoon, the children re-enacted the monumental effort of the Londoners who had to put out the flames using only leather buckets! They formed a long human chain on the playground, passing cups of water carefully down the line from our bucket of River Thames water to douse the flames. With the amount of time it took us to pass the water, we understood how long it must've taken for Londoners to put out the fire, and the teamwork they must've needed to accomplish this.


The Class 7 team were so impressed with the collaboration and curiosity shown by the children all day. We can't wait to learn more about the Great Fire of London over the next few weeks.

Click the link below to find out some more information about the Great Fire of London!

Class 7 have had a fantastic start to the new school year and have been very busy doing lots of incredible learning. Here's just a taste of some of the things we've been up to...