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Who’s Who

We have an open door policy in our school.  Staff are always happy to discuss any aspects of your child's school life.  If you need to speak in more detail, we are more than happy to arrange a mutually convenient time.

West Bridgford Infant School Staff


Headteacher                                  Ms F Stevens

Deputy Headteacher/SENCO      Mrs G Cutts



Teaching Staff  


Mrs C Pavier/Miss W Pickering

Mrs H Chappell

Mrs C Angus


Year 1

Mrs L Jackson-Crane/Mrs Kennerley

Miss N Williams

Miss J McPhail


Year 2

Mrs P Dinsdale/Mrs C Ward

Mr C Heeley

Mrs Watkins/Mrs Cutts


Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Murphy

Mrs A-M Breen

Mrs J Cope

Mrs K Evans

Mrs L Spink

Mrs D Richards

Mrs S Barker

Mrs A G-Palmer

Mrs D St Gallay

Mrs G Carnegie-Brown



Office Manager                           Mrs J Dobson

Administrative Officers                Mrs C Traquair/Miss B Rudolph


Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Severn


Midday Supervisors

Mrs C De Boer

Mrs C Jarram

Mrs V Parfrement

Mrs L Laila

Mrs C Roberts

Mrs L Ryalls

Mrs K Frearson

Mrs C Gilbert

Mrs G Thiyagarajan


Catering Staff

Miss M Jasmin

Mrs E Tietjen

Mrs J Kaur

Ms L Kaur


Site Staff

Site Manager                              Mr T Sulley

Cleaners                                      Mr P Williamson

                                                     Mr D Abrenya